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Microsoft finally has a package manager for Windows, meet winget.


  • Microsoft finally has a package manager for Windows, meet winget.


    Yesterday Microsoft began its all online Build 2020 conference, one of the announcements is that Windows is getting a package manager, the Windows package manager aka winget is a package management application meant to manage windows applications.


    It is being released as alpha software, so it only has basic features, atm it can only install and show applications that are present in the repository, uninstalling applications is not supported ATM, it does supports all the installer formats, .exe, .msi and .msix installers, but there is the exception of Microsoft stores app, winget can't install store apps but it is a feature planned for the future before 1.0.


    The repository works differently from your standard package management in *nix systems, rather that Microsoft hosting all the software in the repository server, winget looks for a manifest file in a comunity repository that describes where to obtain the application, it basically points the package manager to the official URL you would download the application from. Developers can submit applications to the repository through the community repository repository (That's a mouthful English) instruction on how to do so can be found in the community repository.



    How do I get it?

    We have provided three different ways for you to get your hands on the Windows Package Manager. If you are a Windows Insider, you may already have it. First, you can head over to the open source GitHub repository for the client. Second, you can join any of the Windows Insider rings. Third, you can join the Windows Package Manager Insider program by providing your Microsoft Account (MSA) to Windows Package Manager Insider Program and request to be included in the preview. Either of the Insider programs will ensure you automatically receive updates as we progress from preview to general availability. After you have joined either Insider program, head over to the Microsoft Store and get the App Installer. The Windows Package manager will be available after you get the update.

    Why not contribute to another open source package manager?

    We looked at several other package managers. There were several reasons leading us to create a new solution. One critical concern we had was how to build a repository of trusted applications. We are automatically checking each manifest. We leverage SmartScreen, static analysis, SHA256 hash validation and a few other processes to reduce the likelihood of malicious software making its way into the repository and onto your machine. Another key challenge was all the changes required to be able to deliver the client program as a native Windows application.

    Which versions of Windows will be supported?

    Windows Package Manager will support every Windows 10 version since the Fall Creators Update (1709)! The Windows Package Manager will be delivered with the Desktop App Installer when we ship version 1.0. If you are building software to run on Windows 10 you will have a simple way for your customers to install your software on billions of machines.

    You don't necessarily need to be an insider, you can get it from the releases page in the source repository but this method won't support automatic updating, you will have to manually download and reinstall the application in order to upgrade.


    it is worth mentioning that in the last 24 hours, the community repo already has a bunch of the most popular desktop apps available including Steam, Zoom, Brave, Google Chrome, Rufus, PuTTY, qbittorrent, and more so developers have been busy submitting apps



    Winget repository:

    Community repository of currently available apps:


    I have to say that it was about damn time, i installed it to test it and used it to install Rufus for testing and works fine for being alpha software, will be interesting what features they have planned, but they really need to add the ability to uninstall application sooner rather that later IMO.

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